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Understanding what happened in the past is the key to understanding the present and the future. Spies have played a huge role in shaping the world that we live in, but nobody knows it because they did it undercover. But, we’re going to show you what they did, who they did it for, and their impact on the events of today. ​

Spies should never leave a trail. They should be unseen and unheard. But now, for the first time ever, the entire history of espionage can be explored. At The International Spy Museum you can become a spy and see what it’s like to live on the edge... without actually putting your life in danger.

Cryptology is the science of code making and breaking. Its impact on the outcome of world events is huge. It’s about the only way to be sure that your secrets don’t fall into the wrong hands. Cryptology has a long and complicated past. Rulers and generals throughout time have used cryptology to make sure that power stays where they want it... with them. 

Ashley Gracile created and produces Spy Games. A 13 episode television series which offers a fresh perspective on the world’s second-oldest profession.

Secret Agents… the term itself conjures-up so many images: Intrigue, Sex, Murder, Lies, War, Clandestine Meetings, furtive glances, intelligence and counterintelligence, but above all suspense. Spy Games shows you the secrets and deception behind enemy lines… it’s the secret history of history. 

Ashley wanted Spy Games to explore the tradecraft, history, and contemporary role of espionage while at the same time talking shop with real spies. So for the first time spies from both sides of the Iron Curtain come together to reveal their secrets… and only Spy Games has access to them and their stories. The story behind the story, the people with no names or faces the agencies with no public mandate or identity, Spy Games goes undercover to explore and explain the mysterious world of espionage. It’s a real-life documentary whodunit every week, with mystery, murder and moxy at every turn.

Released by GPI Content Corporation and shot entirely on location in Washington D.C., Spy Games take advantage of this material rich environment by delving into the seedy side of the American capital. It’s the soft underbelly of the most powerful nation on earth. Not surprisingly, there’s an infestation of spies in D.C. - where there's classified information for sale at every turn, in every grocery store line; at every gas station; in every brothel and during every drug deal. In the end, we’ll learn just how much we don’t know about the espionage center of the world.

​While Spy Games is great way to learn about espionage... there's no better experience than visiting The International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. Here the public has access for the first time to a treasure trove of exhibits, artifacts and displays from the world of espionage. Spy Games partnered with The International Spy Museum to bring you the some of the Museums’ people and artifacts which have never have been seen before.

Spy Games… all is not what it seems

If you're a broadcaster contact our domestic or international distributors to arrange for a screening of any one (or all) of the 13 half-hour episodes of Spy Games... this leading edge documentary TV series created and produced by Ashley Gracile and released by GPI Content Corporation.  Available in HD with M & E tracks Spy Games is guaranteed to spark lively conversation and on-line chatter every time it goes to air.

​Reach out to Spy Games at: spygames@ashleygracilespygames.com.

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