More compelling than a conventional documentary, Spy Games engages in lively discussion amongst former spies and undercover operatives on topics like cryptology, disguise or pop-culture and espionage... where it ends up is anybody’s guess!

Spies have played a huge role in shaping the world that we live in, but nobody knows it because they did it undercover. There could be a spy in the room with you right now and you’d never know it. Spies know how to conceal themselves in any situation.  They know just what to do and just what to say. Their training is extensive but sometimes even experienced agents can make mistakes that costs both their mission and their lives. A good spy has the chameleon-like ability to take on the traits of his or her environment and blend right in. Spy Games shows you how to spot one.

Now for first time ever Ashley Gracile presents: Spy Games a documentary TV series which reveals hows spies did what they do, who they did it for and hos what they did impacts everyday events. Spy Games goes beyond the surface, delving into treachery, history and purpose of espionage.  ​We’re on the street and alley and parks of Washington D.C. or at The International Spy Museum where not only will she show us the artifacts, she’ll be turned into one herself! She’s not just seeing the sights; she’s being trained as a spy! Our experts disguise her; they show her how to do a dead drop. They teach her how to turn someone. They show her what pushes someone to betray their country. They train her to do surveillance; they put her to the test in the field.

And why not? Who hasn’t thought about becoming a spy? It'd be an incredible life of intrigue, danger and deceit. But it’s not a career that’s open to everyone. As Spy Games discovers... only the best of the best can face the world of espionage and even they quickly learn it’s not all it’s cracked up to be... especially when your life's on the line. 

Spy Games… all is not what it seems.

About Spy Games

If you're a broadcaster contact our domestic or international distributors to arrange for a screening of any one (or all) of the 13 half-hour episodes of Spy Games... this leading edge documentary TV series created and produced by Ashley Gracile and released by GPI Content Corporation.  Available in HD with M & E tracks Spy Games is guaranteed to spark lively conversation and on-line chatter every time it goes to air.

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You never hear about it; but like all of us... spies have families too. Spy Games goes to deep with former agents of the KGB and the CIA to reveal the private moments in the family life of a spy.

Spy Games takes a look at some early spymasters like Moses and George Washington; we explore the role of institutionalized spying in the early days of Soviet Union right here.

Spies should never leave a trail. They should be unseen and unheard. But now, the entire history of espionage can be explored. At The International Spy Museum  you can become a spy and see what it’s like to live on the edge... without actually putting your life in danger.

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